Here at Smart Prepping we don’t believe in living in fear or sitting around worrying about the end of the world. But, we do believe that disasters can strike at any time and it’s only smart to be prepared for them.

The more prepared you are the more peace of mind you will have, and the more confidence you will have to handle any kind of shtf situation you might be faced with.

There are things you can do to help ensure your survival when disaster hits. It doesn’t have to be difficult. A little prepping here and there can go a long way. We aim to make that prepping as easy as possible.

We focus mainly on our basic needs (water, food, shelter, fire, security, first aid, etc) and making sure they can be met if a disaster does strike.

So have a look around, read some of our articles. We hope you learn something new, or at least enjoy the read.


David Smart